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Inobiz makes integration easy, scaleable and with speed


Inobiz make integration easy

Whether you need to send occasional e-invoicing, connect your internal system or if your entire business concept is to enable electronic business to others, we have a product for you and your organization.


Integration mainly consists of two parts: conversion of information from one format to another, and transport of messages between different systems. Both the formats and the protocols they are transported through are adapted for each system to ensure that the information successfully transmitted.

Inobiz three products

Inobiz software is best described through our three main products.

The first, Inobiz DS, is used to set up the file conversions. Based on the company’s needs the transaction flow is run by Inobiz IS or Inobiz RT.

With Inobiz products, you can quickly and efficiently send files in various formats between departments within the company, to and from customers and suppliers, and easily retrieve or submit information over the Internet.

In summary, Inobiz DS, Development System, is the product that sets up how the conversion between different data formats should be performed. Along with Inobiz IS, Integration Server, or component Inobiz RT, Runtime, your company can have a powerful integration platform in which systems and applications can communicate in real time.


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